Mounting instructions

The dock profile can be cut to any length using a sharp hand saw.

When joining one or more dock profile lengths use the connectors. This will line up the dock profiles and give the installation a clean continuous look.

The ends of the dock profile are sealed with the end plugs, 1 is required for each end. Use the DockAdd glue on all connectors and end plugs.

By following the above procedure you will seal the dock profile and create an internal air cushion for added impact protection.

The coated screws must be located on a maximum of 20 cm and can be staggered as shown in the screw pattern below.

The top edge of the dock profile should be mounted first. The start and the finish of each dock profile must be fastened with 2 screws 2 cm from each end. After the first screw on the top edge the second screw is to be installed 20 cm further. On the bottom the second screw is already after 10 cm and then every other 20cm.

All screws should be driven flush with the surface of the dock profile. Do not over tighten!

The screws must be mounted in the small “v” groove provided in the dock profile.

Note: Ensure that the top and side lips of the dock profile lay flat against the dock face. After the top has been mounted, push down on the dock profile before mounting the side bottom screws.

Screw pattern