About DockAdd

In 1968 Robert de Ruijter started primarily making jetty fenders for his own small marina. 

Always having the goal to manufacture innovative and unique dock profiles for the boating industry, he founded DockAdd, manufacturer of the finest quality dock fendering systems, in 1995. 

Thanks to many years’ experience and knowledge gained in protecting boats and pontoons, DockAdd has become the specialist in dock fendering systems.

These dock fendering systems can be mounted on the side of every dock and ensures total protection by its unique energy absorption properties. The dock profiles offer continuous protection and high visibility around the dock edge allowing stress free docking.

DockAdd offers many various profiles. They are all made of the same material, but their shock-absorbing effect varies, which is important to the function of the dock (berthing, mooring, storage), the mass and the shape of the boat and, if applicable, the varying water level.

The assortment also contains a robust profile with PE core which can protect yachts weighing up to 50 tons. The PE core exists of a dense cell structure to enhance its high impact strength and shock absorbing capabilities.

The availability of corners, connectors and end caps make it possible to create a beautiful and durable system that provides protection for boat and dock. The dock profiles are being mounted with stainless steel screws with a flat head and a matching colour (white, dark blue or black). By using a screw in a matching colour the mounting material will be invisible: the perfect finish.

The UV resistant material, flexible PVC,  from which the dock profile is made will not fade in the sun. And it can also resist oil, gas and salt water.

Unlike any other system on the market, the DockAdd profiles have a thick skin which will prevent the dock profile from tearing or bursting.

Besides the dock profiles also other products are available at DockAdd. For example dock ladders, dock bumpers, corner wheels, bollards and fenders.

The profiles of DockAdd are the ideal solution to enter your ship's house or dock without damages.